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My Journey into Librarianship: Career Mobility and Mentorship in an Academic Library

By Jennifer Olguin
New Mexico State University
Rio Grande Historical Collections Archivist
New Mexico State University Library Archives & Special Collections


It is critical to understand the external and internal motivating factors that lead prospective library professionals into the field. This experience-based piece reflects on my journey into librarianship and explores how mentorship plays a pivotal role in recruiting and retaining prospective librarians. This personal narrative presents experiences at a doctoral granting state university transitioning from work-study student to a tenure-track faculty role. This article highlights the importance of mentorship within the academic profession as novices learn the ins and outs of librarianship and build toward a future career. Current librarians could use this insight as motivation to provide mentorship to assist in developing future library professionals and provide support for those eager for a career in the field.

Keywords: Career mobility, Mentorship, New librarians, Academic librarianship, BIPOC in LIS, Tenure-track faculty
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Begin at the beginning: Library collaboration with early college high school freshmen

By Matthew Harrick
Brooklyn College


Early College High Schools partner with colleges and universities to ease traditionally underrepresented and at-risk high school students into college life, increase students’ college readiness, and provide the opportunity to earn college credits while simultaneously earning high school diplomas. One such partnership is between Brooklyn College and the STAR (Science, Technology and Research) program at Erasmus High School in Brooklyn, NY. As part of their introduction to college life, small groups of freshmen receive basic college library orientations prior to enrolling in credit-bearing courses as juniors and seniors. The education and liaison librarian to Early College High School programs created a six-week information literacy, science and research-based pilot seminar to further increase the college readiness of high school students.

Keywords: Early College High Schools; Information Literacy; STEM Research; Academic Libraries; Outreach; High School Students; College; Higher Education.

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Academic Librarians as Knowledge Creators

Donna Witek
Associate Professor and Public Services Librarian
The University of Scranton


Despite support from national organizations like the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), pursuing research and scholarship remains a challenge for academic librarians, even when the literature connects these activities to greater effectiveness in the practice of academic librarianship. This essay examines the history and present state of the questions of faculty status and tenure for librarians, and relates these questions to that of performing scholarly research and creating and disseminating new knowledge as an academic librarian. It then offers as a case study my experience identifying and pursuing a research agenda in collaboration with a faculty colleague in another department at my institution, with the goal of both sharing what has worked for one academic librarian (n=1) while also critiquing the system within which that success has occurred. The essay concludes with a list of creative strategies academic librarians can put into practice to become successful knowledge creators in the field of library and information science.

Keywords: academic librarians, faculty status, tenure, scholarly publishing, library research, library and information science, collaboration, information literacy, social media

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Keeping the “L” in Digital: Applying LIS Core Competencies to Digital Humanities Work

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick
Medford Library, University of South Carolina Lancaster.

Digital Humanities (DH) has struggled with an identity since its contemporary emergence in the early 2000s; however, a succinct definition exists, placing many core activities of the field squarely in the domain of modern librarianship. This article briefly reviews American Library Association’s Core Competencies for Librarianship and summarizes the continuing development and characteristics of DH projects. The author also reveals how LIS competencies have been applied to a Korean popular culture DH project at Elon University.  Positive implications for DH’s impact on professional development for librarians, information literacy integration, and opportunities for librarian/faculty or community collaborations are also included.

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