Instructions for authors

Please see “about the journal” to see what kinds of subject matter is appropriate for submissions. Authors may opt for peer review. All authors, peer-reviewed or otherwise, will receive substantive advice for revisions. Where the recommended revisions are substantial, authors may be paired with a mentor on request. We feel the voices of a diversity of librarians, wherever they work, however experienced they are with publishing, are important to the profession. We want to help you get your voice out there.

Please provide your manuscript to the editors ( in the format of a Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx, or .rtf) or a Google Doc.  If you submit a Google Doc, please also submit any charts or figures separately, as they can be difficult to extract from a Google Doc for publication.

Articles will be published in HTML format. References, if included, should be provided in a consistent citation style of the authors’ choice.  However, the author could also simply provide links to relevant material in the body of the article.  As long as the references are clear, that is all that really matters.

If you’d like us to change your name as it appears on prior publications, please let us know what to change it to and whether you’d like us to include any reference to a prior name.

As part of our commitment to sharing the voices of librarians, this journal is open access, requires no author-side fees, and publishes articles as soon as they are ready rather than bundling them into issues.