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Please support the journal

We have started up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for our help pay for our annual hosting fees. The journal editors have been paying annual fees for website hosting, which is $179/year. We are raising money to cover a 10 year span of the hosting.

While we have been operating on a shoestring budget, we would like to raise a modest amount of money from readers, authors, and other supporters of the Open Access movement to keep the journal sustainable for the next decade.

Please help us in our endeavors, and thank you very much for your support.

Joe Kraus

Please say hello to a new editor, Derrick Jefferson

We would like to say welcome to a new editor for the journal.  We are very excited to have Derrick Jefferson join the editorial team.  If you would like to learn more about him, this post at American University is a great write-up. It covers some of his background and his passion for serving others.

Derrick Jefferson

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“Je Suis Charlie” and Our Commitment to Intellectual Freedom

The JCPL editorial board strongly condemns the attacks on the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo and the murders of twelve individuals. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families touched by the tragedy. We also see in this public moment of outrage and public support for free speech an opportunity to confront the challenge inherent in supporting intellectual freedom and the underscore the responsibility of librarians to engage that challenge.

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Welcome to two new editors

We would like to welcome two new editors.

Michael Morris has been with the journal since May of 2014.  Michael is based in Oakland, working for PLOS as a Publications Manager. Having completed his Master’s in Library Science from Indiana University, he’s keenly aware of the virtues of the open access model, and extols said virtues to whomever will listen. His research interests are descriptive bibliography and typography.

Andy Woodworth joined the journal this month. He is the Reference & Adult Services Supervisor at the Cherry Hill Public Library in Cherry Hill, NJ. He is the blogger behind acclaimed “Agnostic, Maybe“, a mostly professional and sometimes personal journal. Andy’s writing credits include Techsoup for Libraries, Library Journal, and American Libraries. His professional interests revolve between library eBook and eContent issues to intellectual freedom in regard to book challenges and removals. Andy is a 2010 Library Mover & Shaker and an all around decent fellow.

Introducing the editors: Marie Kennedy

Who are you? 

One reason I’m an electronic resources librarian is because e-formats and the role of the  librarian to manage those formats are not yet figured out; there’s no “right” way to do any of this stuff. The non-standardization of this type of job leaves a lot of room for creativity, for partnerships and collaborations, and for invention. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that gets me up in the morning, ready to figure out new ways to engage our patrons with e-content.

Why are you involved in this new journal?

In addition to an MSIS I have an MFA in photography (my CV), and I find a lot of similarities in the processes of librarianship and art-making; there are a few required steps that are followed in a pattern, and there are nods to those who have come before us, but then it’s up to us to design the future of the field. Carving out a space in the literature for sky’s-the-limit thinking  about libraries makes sense to me. 

What would you like to accomplish as an editor? 

I want to shine a spotlight on ideas that dare, that cajole, and that expand our thinking on topics.