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Microdosing Information Literacy: Embedding Information Literacy to Improve Research Skills

Alison Downey, Assistant Professor of LIbrary Science at Valparaiso University
Holly Cross, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Valparaiso University
Abbie Thompson, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Valparaiso University


In the summer of 2022, a librarian and 2 psychology faculty at Valparaiso University, a small liberal arts college, created a hybrid embedded IL intervention for introductory psychology courses to cover a broad range of research skills while limiting alterations to the existing course schedule. This model supports the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education with extensive collaboration between librarians and subject faculty. The goal of this initiative was to develop a curriculum, covering multiple facets of IL, that could be integrated into any current introductory psychology class without significant alterations to class content while expanding beyond the traditional one-shot model, in addition to,increasing students’ IL proficiencies. The IL intervention included: a set of online micro lessons, a classroom activity addressing authority and evaluation of potential misinformation, and a scaffolded semester-long project on gathering, evaluating and disseminating psychological research. Though content creation and collaboration required more time and effort at the beginning of the initiative, the outcome can be used in future semesters with few modifications. At both the start and completion of the semester, the control courses, and the 2 embedded IL courses, were administered self-assessment surveys and objective, quantitative post-test of IL knowledge and skills. Results from the pilot semester indicated that students participating in the intervention felt more confident in their research abilities, understanding of IL, and comfort working with the psychology librarian. This article will review the intervention and curriculum that was developed, feedback from students, address pitfalls and hurdles of integrating IL, and share lessons learned on how this model can be integrated in introductory psychology courses at other universities.

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