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Libraries as Potential Key Players in Nigeria’s Economic Diversity and Exchange Rate Solutions

By Adebowale Jeremy Adetayo,
Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, Nigeria,

Muhammed Jamiu Soliudeen,
Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti. Ekiti State,

Arinola Oluwatoyin Gbotoso,
Federal College of Agriculture Akure Ondo State,

and Oyekanmi Gabriel Okediji,
Federal College of Education Iwo Library, Osun State.


As Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria grapples with systemic challenges including exchange rate volatilities, rising inequality and pervasive poverty constraining inclusive growth. This paper explores the overlooked potential of public libraries to address these multidimensional issues through their expansive reach, accessibility and community trust. Specifically, it delineates five pathways of impact: providing access to economic data and research to inform policy decisions; fostering financial literacy among citizens through workshops on personal finance and exchange rate mechanics; supporting entrepreneurship and export competitiveness with tailored advisory services; catalyzing grassroots advocacy coalitions to drive equitable growth reforms; and forging strategic partnerships with diverse institutions to integrate interdisciplinary perspectives. By highlighting these avenues for libraries to collaborate with academia, industry, government and non-profits, this analysis underscores the merits of increased investment into library infrastructure, technology access and programming to maximize their development contributions. It calls upon policymakers to formally recognize libraries’ change-agent role across literacy promotion, business enablement, community mobilization and localizing policy solutions.

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