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A Learning Experience Design: Augmented Reality & Library Orientation

by Anjum Najmi PhD, MLS
Assistant Professor
Department of Higher Education and Learning Technologies
Texas A&M University, Commerce


Librarians have engaged students in creative ways to orient them to library programs and services. Outreach is best undertaken when students arrive on campus for their first year. Augmented reality (AR) allows real and virtual objects to co-exist and interact with in real time. It permits users to view the real world through a virtual overlay. This pilot study looks at the potential of using Augmented Reality (AR) to engage students and present targeted information about the library and its resources. It will look at the effectiveness of instruction, learning outcomes, challenges, and the future potential of using such methods to promote learning. The goal to provide a practical approach for librarian practitioners that they may apply to future instructional sessions.

Keywords: learning experience design, augmented reality, library orientation, socio-cultural learning, participatory learning
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