Introducing the editors: Marie Kennedy

Who are you? 

One reason I’m an electronic resources librarian is because e-formats and the role of the  librarian to manage those formats are not yet figured out; there’s no “right” way to do any of this stuff. The non-standardization of this type of job leaves a lot of room for creativity, for partnerships and collaborations, and for invention. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that gets me up in the morning, ready to figure out new ways to engage our patrons with e-content.

Why are you involved in this new journal?

In addition to an MSIS I have an MFA in photography (my CV), and I find a lot of similarities in the processes of librarianship and art-making; there are a few required steps that are followed in a pattern, and there are nods to those who have come before us, but then it’s up to us to design the future of the field. Carving out a space in the literature for sky’s-the-limit thinking  about libraries makes sense to me. 

What would you like to accomplish as an editor? 

I want to shine a spotlight on ideas that dare, that cajole, and that expand our thinking on topics.