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The Missing Piece: Outreach to College/University Staff Members

Jennifer (Castaldo) Hill
Distance Education Librarian and Electronic Resources Manager
Johns Hopkins University


Many academic library mission statements include the phrase, “students, faculty, and staff” when referencing the populations that they serve, but how active are we really at reaching out to non-library staff members at our colleges and universities?  Libraries typically spend time and energy marketing to students and faculty, but the staff component of our missions can often be overlooked.  During the 2012 school year, the Excelsior College librarians implemented three methods to increase staff awareness and use of the library’s resources and services. Through our Community Forum, on-site reference hours in the cafeteria, and virtual brown bags targeting specific staff groups, we are making inroads to actively engage staff members.

Keywords:  Academic Libraries, Marketing, Distance Education, Universities & Colleges

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The Library Concierge Project at Stanford University

Author: Chris Bourg [i]
Assistant University Librarian for Public Services
Stanford University Libraries


To meet the challenge of ensuring that library staff and scholars/patrons are aware of the full range of resources and services offered through the library, the Stanford University Libraries initiated a Library Concierge Project in November of 2011. This article describes the program and provides an assessment of how well the Library Concierge Project has met its goals of promoting a service-focused culture and educating staff.  A description of the concierge concept in action is also provided, along with anecdotal evidence of the impact of the project on supported scholars.

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